Learn to manipulate lights and shadows: Give your shots depth and texture

Dive deep into the fundamentals of professional lighting with our comprehensive Lighting Toolkit class. Learn to expertly manipulate light placement, intensity, and color to sculpt scenes and characters, enhancing mood, dimension, and texture. This course equips you to turn everyday footage into compelling visual narratives, using light and shadow as powerful storytelling tools.

Chris Tinard is an award-winning Cinematographer

3X Rocky Mountain
Emmy Nominee

Multiple Communicator Award Winner

Multiple Communicator
Award Winner


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Achieve Correct Lighting Levels

Master the art of balancing light levels across highlights, midtones, and shadows.

Understand Lighting Ratios

Learn how to use lighting ratios to sculpt depth within your scenes.

Convey Emotions Through Lighting

Explore how to use lighting to communicate.

What you will learn


Dive deep into the world of film lighting with our comprehensive "Lighting Toolkit" course, designed to illuminate the fundamentals and advanced techniques necessary for creating visually impactful scenes. This course covers every aspect of lighting in film production, ensuring that you gain a robust understanding and hands-on experience with various lighting setups.

  • 'Purpose of Lighting'¬†Explore how lighting serves as a critical storytelling tool, enhancing mood, emphasizing themes, and focusing viewer attention where it matters most.
  • 'Three-Point Lighting Theory'¬†Master the classic three-point lighting setup‚ÄĒa key technique that combines key light, fill light, and backlight to create depth and dimension in your shots.
  • 'Balancing Levels'¬†Learn to effectively balance lighting levels across your scene to maintain visual harmony and clarity.
  • 'Achieving a Natural Look'¬†Develop skills to harness both artificial and natural light to achieve a look that feels both authentic and aesthetically pleasing, suitable for the narrative.
  • 'Dealing with Mixed Color Temperature'¬†Tackle the challenges of mixed lighting environments by understanding color temperature and how to manage it for consistent, professional-looking footage.
  • 'Rembrandt‚Äôs Chiaroscuro Technique'¬†Study the dramatic effect of chiaroscuro lighting used by Rembrandt, which utilizes strong contrasts between light and dark to add a poignant artistic depth to your visuals.
  • 'Lighting and Emotions'¬†Delve into the emotional impact of lighting choices, understanding how different setups can influence the emotional tone of a scene and connect with audiences on a deeper level.

This course is perfect for filmmakers who want to craft specific moods and styles, enhancing their narrative impact through targeted lighting techniques. From understanding the basics of lighting placement and intensity to dealing with complex color and light levels, "Lighting Toolkit" will empower you to use light not just as illumination, but as a powerful directorial tool in your cinematographic arsenal. Join us to transform your ability to craft visually stunning and emotionally resonant cinematic works.

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