The step-by-step program for aspiring videographers to start filming
in manual without feeling

This course is designed to unlock the full potential of your camera, regardless of your current skill level or the type of equipment you use. This class will empower you to make precise adjustments that enhance your photography. Gain the confidence and skills needed to creatively capture the world as you see it.

Chris Tinard is an award-winning Cinematographer

3X Rocky Mountain
Emmy Nominee

Multiple Communicator Award Winner

Multiple Communicator Award Winner


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Take full manual control

Unlock your creative freedom and discover the  possibilities of manual cinematography

Achieve perfect exposure

Learn to shoot high-quality footage in a variety of settings and conditions.

Improve your photography skills

 Improve your skills and get professional-looking results.

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What you will learn


From Auto to Manual.
This foundational class covers everything you need to know about your camera's settings to start creating visually compelling content. From ISO and aperture to shutter speed and white balance, you'll gain the knowledge to confidently adjust your camera to capture your creative vision across any medium. Perfect for aspiring creators ready to explore the full potential of their equipment.

Embark on a comprehensive journey with our "Essential Camera Settings" course, structured to bring you from camera basics to creating full-fledged visual narratives. 

  • 'Camera Anatomy' you'll familiarize yourself with your camera's inner workings.
  • 'Mastering the Viewfinder' will teach you to interpret viewfinder information for better shots.
  • 'The Science of White Balance' ensures your colors are true to life.
  • 'ISO Explained' you'll learn to manipulate light sensitivity for clear, vivid images.
  • 'Shutter Speed Artistry' will show you how to use time to your advantage, capturing motion like never before.
  • 'Aperture Insights' opens up a world of depth and focus.
  • 'Creating Depth of Field' will guiding you through the subtleties of depth of field.
  • 'Log vs. Raw' select the right format for you.
  • 'Frame Rate explained' untangled the complexity of choosing the appropriate FPS
  • 'Crafting Your Vision' allows you to combine these elements, giving you the confidence and knowledge to realize your photographic ambitions, no matter the medium.

Join us and transform your approach to cinematography.

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