Creativity + Technical Mastery = Expertise



I am passionate about what I do, telling stories.  I enjoy every aspect of the story telling process.  From producing, interviewing, directing and editing I love telling great stories that touches people’s heart.  I believe in the power of authenticity and the unique strength in combining great visuals with amazing sounds. 

From documentaries to marketing videos I will always look to create an emotional connection with the audience.  For without emotions all we do is scream in the wind.



Born in France in the suburb of Paris, I moved to the US in 1992 to pursue my dream of playing College basketball.

I received a full athletic scholarship from Montana State University – Billings in 1993.

After completing my College career, I moved back to France to play in Europe.

I met my wife Julie while on a trip to Arizona in 2000, and it was love at first sight, I still haven’t returned from that trip.  We have 4 beautiful kids who are all strong pasionate individuals.  

I open my production company (OrangeScreen Productions) in 2004, with no experience.  Everything I know I had to learn on the job.  I've worked on just about anything outside of Feature films, TV commercials, marketing videos, Live broadcast, but my heart is in documentaries. 


"Chris is a very engaging speaker, I really enjoyed his stories of personal experience"

 Elizabeth R.

"Being part of this strengthened my desire to learn more about all the aspects that lead to creating a beautiful moving image."

Kathie G.